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Tantei Gakuen Q 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 0 user reviews.

Tantei Gakuen Q

Tantei Gakuen Q
Not yet rated

Detective School Q is the story of a group of young students from Class Q of Dan Detective School (DDS), a prestigious and renowned detective academy founded by Morihiko Dan, the most famous detective in Japan, and the adventures and mysteries they unfold and solve together. They eventually work against Pluto, a mysterious organization which creates almost fool-proof plans that only a handful of detectives can solve. (taken from Wikipedia) Story written under the penname Amagi, Seimaru.

Alternative Name: -

Author: Aoki, Yuya (Story), Sato, Fumiya (Art)

Artist: -

Publisher: -

Category: Mystery

Tagged as: -

Characters: -

Date Added: Nov 30, 2014

Released in: -

Reading Direction: Right to left

Status: Ongoing

Update Frequency: Unknown

Rank: 1004

Total views: 3730

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